Completed projects


Иллюстрация The area of application of the flame retardant coating S~30000 m2

The required limit of the flame retardant coating system corresponds to a hydrocarbon fire.

June — October 2023

-Delivery of equipment and materials of the required volume to the treated area.
-Providing a connection point that has been previously agreed with the customer.
-Assembly of scaffolding around the treated area using metal structures in the required quantity.
-Installation of a protective fence around the treated area to prevent the spread of abrasive material and old paintwork.
-Preparation of surfaces for painting by means of abrasive jet or mechanical cleaning to the degree of Sa 2.5 and St3 cleaning according to ISO 8501-1:2007.
-Collection of spent abrasive material and debris at the site of work and the adjacent territory, and, if necessary, removal from the territory of the enterprise.
-Performance of work on the application of a fire-retardant coating system in accordance with the instructions for use of TI No. 1 with the change.2 LLC "Patriot".
-Dedusting and degreasing of the treated surface.
-Priming of the surface with a two-component epoxy compound "Patriot-EP" in accordance with the agreed terms of reference.
-Application of a flame retardant coating with a two-component epoxy flame retardant compound "Patriot-NHPV" with a thickness corresponding to the developed fire protection project and the requirements of the fire resistance limits of structures and equipment.
-Application of the finishing protective decorative coating with two-component polyurethane primer enamel "Patriot-PU" in accordance with the terms of reference.
-Drawing up a certificate of inspection of hidden works at each stage, which is presented to the customer to confirm the amount of work performed.
-Dismantling of the protective shelter.
-Dismantling of scaffolding.

АО «Газпромнефть-МНПЗ»

Иллюстрация The area of application of the flame retardant coating S~60000 m2

Organization of a paint shop in Lyubertsy for the production of works on the application of Patriot Fire protection and Patriot finishing enamel, for the project of hydrocracking installation and hydrogen production plant.

June 2022 — present

In the process of construction and installation of hydrocracking and hydrogen production plants, various metal and steel structures are used that require high-quality processing and painting. Fire protection is an integral element of the safety of such objects, as it allows to increase their fire resistance and enhances protection from exposure to high temperatures. Patriot is a specialized flame retardant coating developed using advanced technologies and materials, which provides high protection efficiency and long service life.

ООО «Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ»

Иллюстрация Surface area to be treated S~70000 m2

Omsk Oil Refinery
ООО «Китайская национальная химическая инженерная и строительная корпорация севен» (КНР) in Omsk.

August 2021 — present

The project "Construction of catalyst production on the territory of Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC" includes the performance of work on fire-retardant treatment of metal structures. For this purpose, a fire-resistant Decotherm-Epoxy coating is used, which provides protection of metal structures from fire. After applying this coating, the Patriot PU finish coating is applied.

АО «Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ»

Иллюстрация Surface area to be treated S~36000 m2

Omsk Oil Refinery
General Contractor: Joint stock company «Газстройпром»

July 2022 — September 2023

The project "Construction of the ELOU-AVT complex" includes work on the restoration of fire protection of metal structures. First, a Patriot EP primer coating is applied to the structure, which prepares the surface for applying a flame retardant coating. Next, the Patriot NHPV flame retardant coating is applied, which provides effective protection from fire. Finally, the Patriot PU finish coating is applied to give the structures additional protection and aesthetic appearance.