Fire protection of profiled sheet

The size and complexity of industrial facilities require special care about safety. Proper application of fire protection means becomes an integral part of construction and reconstruction works at industrial enterprises. AGLOMERATE is an expert in the field of fire protection of metal structures, industrial buildings and other industrial facilities.

One of the important aspects of fire protection is the protection of profiled sheet, widely used in industrial construction. This material, which has high strength, ease of installation and durability, requires special processing to increase its fire resistance.

The application of special flame-retardant coatings on the profiled sheet allows to increase its resistance to fire. Thanks to this procedure, the profiled sheet will be able to withstand high temperatures and delay the spread of flame.

When carrying out fire protection of the profiled sheet, our specialists follow strict rules and recommendations to ensure the safety of your enterprise. We carry out the application of flame retardant by spraying, which provides a uniform coating on the entire surface of the material.

The flame-retardant coatings used by us meet all the requirements and standards of fire safety. We work only with high-quality materials and have various types of fire-resistant coatings in our arsenal, depending on the requirements and characteristics of a particular object.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of fire protection of profiled sheet and extensive skills in the installation of coatings for industrial facilities. We pay special attention to technical aspects and details to ensure reliable protection of your metalwork.

Impeccable quality and professionalism are our distinctive features. We guarantee the completion of the work on time and in compliance with all necessary technical requirements, and strive to ensure that our Partners receive maximum protection.

By contacting AGGLOMERATE, you can be sure that your profiled sheet will be reliably protected from possible fire danger. Our team of specialists is ready to advise you on all issues of fire protection and offer optimal solutions for your facility.