Self-leveling floors industrial

Large industrial enterprises require maximum reliability and efficiency in all their processes. Special attention is paid to the floor surfaces, which must be of high quality, have high resistance to abrasive wear, aggressive substances and mechanical influences. Self-leveling industrial floors become an ideal solution for these requirements.

We are a team of specialists in the construction and fire protection of metal structures, we provide services for the creation of high-quality self-leveling floors for large industrial enterprises. Our experience and expertise in this field allow us to create the highest level floors that meet the most stringent requirements of the industry.

Our self-leveling floors for industrial purposes have not only high wear resistance and mechanical strength, but also excellent fire protection characteristics. We use specialized flame-retardant materials that can withstand the effects of high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, which makes our floors safe in extreme conditions.

Technical data of self-leveling industrial floors:

1. Thickness: from 5 mm to 20 mm.
2. Compressive strength: at least 35 N/mm2.
3. Wear resistance: according to the method of Abrasimeter (TABER) no more than 0.1 g / 1000 cycles.
4. Fire-resistant characteristics: Class A1 (fire-resistant material).
5. Noise level: up to 25 dB.
6. Moisture resistance: at least 99.5%.

The quality and reliability of our self-leveling floors are confirmed by numerous certificates and guarantee a long service life. We strictly follow the rules and regulations of application, ensuring high-precision pouring and even distribution of the material to achieve optimal results.

We specialize in the construction of self-leveling floors for industrial purposes for various industries, including factories, production sites, warehouses, logistics centers and many others. Our team of professionals develops individual solutions that take into account the specific requirements of each Partner.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for pouring high-quality and reliable self-leveling industrial floors, our company is ready to offer its services that meet all your requirements and expectations.