Protection against hydrocarbon fire

In the world of metal structures and industrial construction, there is a high need for reliable protection from hydrocarbon gorenje, especially in conditions where these structures pose a danger in terms of the possibility of the occurrence and spread of fire. We, a team of experts in fire protection of metal structures, factories and other metal structures, are ready to offer you advanced solutions for protection against hydrocarbon gorenje.

To achieve the highest level of fire safety and compliance with all relevant norms and standards, the use of special coatings that can effectively prevent fire and limit its spread is required.

An important technical aspect of the fire protection of metal structures is the ability of coatings to withstand high temperatures. Our developments in the field of fire protection provide a degree of fire resistance from P15 to P120, depending on the requirements and level of fire safety required for a particular project. To achieve this high degree of protection, we use specialized technologies that allow us to apply the maximum amount of flame retardant material to the surface of the metal structure.

In addition to fire resistance, the requirements for fire protection coating also include the duration of the protective effect. On average, our coatings are able to prevent a fire within 60-120 minutes, providing sufficient time to evacuate personnel, call fire services and limit fire damage. This significantly reduces the risk associated with hydrocarbon gorenje at the enterprise.

The rules for applying fire protection also play an important role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the coating. In our work, we follow strict protocols and guidelines developed in accordance with international standards. Each metal surface must be previously cleaned of dirt and treated with an anticorrosive agent. After that, a flame retardant coating is applied in the required amount and thickness to guarantee effective protection in case of fire.

Rules for applying protection against hydrocarbon gorenje:

1. Surface: Before applying a flame retardant coating, the surface of the metal structure must be cleaned of overburden, corrosion and other contaminants. High-quality surface preparation contributes to obtaining an effective flame retardant coating and increasing its service life.

2. Application Method: The flame retardant coating can be applied in various ways, such as spraying, brush or roller. The choice of method depends on factors such as the size of the area to be painted, accessibility, design specifics and the required coating thickness.

3. Drying: It is important to properly regulate the temperature and humidity in the room when applying a flame retardant coating. The drying process may take several hours or days, depending on the type of flame retardant material used. Improper drying can lead to improper adhesion of the material, deterioration of the coating quality and, as a result, weakening of the protective effect.

Our team of specialists works in close cooperation with our Partners, offering customized solutions for protection against hydrocarbon gorenje, and guarantee the quality and reliability of our services. You can contact us to assess the risks and develop an optimal fire protection plan in accordance with the requirements of your project. Ensure the strength and safety of your metalwork with our advanced fire protection methods.