Cooperation with the certified fire testing laboratories

Our company, specializing in fire protection of metal structures, adheres to high quality and safety standards. We strive to provide reliable protection of all metal structures and improve fire safety at large enterprises.

During the implementation of projects, we actively cooperate with certified fire testing laboratories (IPL), which help us to carry out the necessary tests and analyses, ensuring high quality and compliance with requirements. Such a partnership allows us to calculate the reliability and durability of fire-resistant coatings, as well as predict and monitor their effectiveness in fire situations.

Our IPLS are equipped with advanced equipment and carry out a wide range of tests according to the current norms and requirements. We carry out such types of tests as fire resistance, flammability, strength characteristics of fire-resistant coatings, etc. Our specialists have extensive experience in this field and are able to analyze the data obtained to make informed decisions.

Cooperation with certified fire testing laboratories allows us to provide our partners with accurate and reliable technical data necessary for making decisions on fire protection based on the effectiveness, economic feasibility and service life of coatings.

In addition, an important aspect of our work is compliance with all the rules for applying flame retardant coatings. In cooperation with IPL, we receive detailed recommendations on the coating process, as well as ensure compliance with these rules during the implementation of projects. This guarantees the effectiveness and reliability of fire-resistant coatings, as well as ensures the safety and protection of metal structures in the event of a fire.

Cooperation with our company is a certain approach that combines expertise in the field of fire protection, the latest technical achievements and compliance with safety requirements. Working with us, you can be sure of obtaining high-quality results and durability of protection of your metal structures.