Fire protection of air ducts and ventilation

Fire protection of blowers and ventilation is an important component of the safety and stable operation of industrial enterprises. In the context of construction and fire protection of metal structures, factories and other metal structures, professional specialists such as our company carry out high-quality work on fire protection of blowers and ventilation to prevent their damage and destruction in the event of a fire.

As experts in this field, we are aware of the required technical characteristics and rules for applying flame retardant coatings to ventilation systems. Our team of highly qualified specialists has solid knowledge and experience in the application of modern materials and technologies, providing our Partners with impeccable quality of services.

Important when performing fire protection work are the requirements for fire resistance and fire protection of blowers and ventilation. When analyzing a specific object, we take into account the high temperature resisted by the structure of the ventilation system to provide protection from fire and conflagration for a certain time.

One of the most effective materials used for fire protection are special flame retardant paints and coatings. They form an impermeable protective film that is resistant to high temperatures and prevents the penetration of fire on the metal surfaces of ventilation systems.

When carrying out work on fire protection of blowers and ventilation, the following requirements and rules are taken into account:

- The level of fire protection is determined in accordance with the class of the structure, its purpose and fire safety requirements.
- The application of flame retardant coatings should be carried out by professionals with the necessary skills and experience.
- The application of flame retardant coatings is carried out according to the technological process, including surface preparation, application of intermediate layers and a protective layer.

The rules for applying flame retardant materials are strictly regulated by the relevant regulatory documents and requirements of executive bodies, such as SanPiN (sanitary rules and regulations) and PUE (rules for electrical installations). Our company complies with all established norms and rules, ensuring that the work is carried out in compliance with the requirements of legislation and safety.

It should be noted that the duration of preservation of the flame-retardant properties of materials can reach impressive values, for example, up to 120 minutes. This allows for a sufficient period of time for the evacuation of people and the organization of fire-fighting measures.

AGGLOMERATE has extensive experience in the field of fire protection of metal structures, and we carry out work on fire protection of blowers and ventilation using only the most modern materials and technologies. By contacting us, you can be sure of the quality of our services and the full compliance of the results of the work performed with the current standards and regulations in this area.