Fire protection repair

We, a team of professional fire protection repair specialists, offer high-quality services for large enterprises. Having a wealth of experience and expertise in this field, we are ready to offer you a reliable solution that will make your company safer and meet all the necessary requirements.

Our fire protection repair works include:

1. Revision and repair of fire-resistant coatings that guarantee a high level of fire safety.
2. Replacement of damaged or worn fire-retardant materials that provide reliable protection in case of fire.
3. Maintenance and periodic inspection of automatic fire extinguishing systems.
4. The use of specialized preparations and formulations when applying a flame retardant coating.
5. Installation and maintenance of smoke extraction and ventilation systems that contribute to the effective removal of hazardous substances in case of fire.

All our work is carried out in compliance with strict rules and requirements to ensure maximum effectiveness of fire protection. We pay special attention to details and use only certified materials that can withstand extreme conditions and meet all modern safety standards.

Applying a flame retardant coating is one of the key parts of our work. We have advanced technologies that allow us to achieve high strength and reliability of the coating. The flame retardants that we use allow us to increase the service life of structures and significantly increase fire safety.

It is important to note that our fire protection repair services are available at competitive prices, which makes us a reliable partner for large enterprises. We are ready to offer you the optimal price-quality ratio, guaranteeing full compliance with all your requirements.